Bengaluru, Karnataka: In a monumental achievement, Bengaluru’s Namma Metro has surpassed the significant milestone of 100 crore footfalls since its inauguration in 2012, as announced by the Bengaluru Metro Transport Corporation (BMRCL).

This remarkable feat underscores the critical role Namma Metro plays in shaping the city’s modern public transportation landscape.

Rising Ridership: A Decade of Steady Growth

Launched in 2012 with the inauguration of the first metro line spanning 6.7 kilometers between Baiyappanahalli and MG Road, Namma Metro quickly gained traction among commuters.

The inaugural year witnessed an average daily ridership of 33,152 passengers, setting the tone for a decade of steady growth and expansion.

Strategic Expansion: Adding Stations, Increasing Significance

BMRCL’s strategic approach to expanding metro lines saw the introduction of pivotal stations, such as the bustling Majestic metro station on the Purple line in 2016-17.

This station swiftly became one of the city’s busiest, connecting key areas like Mysuru Road, Jayanagar, and Baiyappanahalli. The subsequent surge in daily ridership, surpassing the 1 lakh mark, highlighted Namma Metro’s growing significance in Bengaluru’s daily commute.

Network Prowess: 65 Stations Across 74 Kilometers

Presently, Namma Metro stands tall with an expansive network encompassing 65 stations and covering 74 kilometers.

This extensive reach underscores the metro’s integration into Bengaluru’s urban fabric, serving as a vital artery in the city’s transportation network.

Record-Breaking December 2023: Two Crore Footfalls

December 2023 proved to be a historic month for Namma Metro, recording an unprecedented two crore footfalls.

This record-breaking figure not only represents the highest monthly ridership since the metro’s inception but also reflects a notable spike in average daily ridership. The public’s resounding trust in Namma Metro is evident in these impressive numbers.

Pivotal Purple Line Expansion and Prime Minister’s Endorsement

A game-changing moment occurred with the full operationalization of the Purple Line in October of the preceding year.

The connectivity from Whitefield to Bengaluru South and Bengaluru Central brought about a paradigm shift, significantly influencing ridership patterns.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally dedicated the complete operations, inaugurating two pending stretches – Baiyappanahalli to KR Puram and Kengeri to Challaghatta – on October 20, marking a historic event in Bengaluru’s transportation narrative.

During the Purple Line launch, BMRCL anticipated a substantial rise in ridership, expecting figures between 70,000 and 1 lakh passengers daily.

While the actual increase slightly fell short of expectations, with approximately 60,000 passengers per day, it underscores the consistent and robust demand for Namma Metro services.

As Bengaluru’s Namma Metro crosses the momentous threshold of 100 crore footfalls, it not only celebrates past achievements but also anticipates a future marked by enhanced connectivity, increased ridership, and continued success as a linchpin of the city’s public transportation system.