A commuter faced a ₹50 fine for exceeding the 20-minute limit while charging his phone.

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is enforcing fines for commuters who stay at metro stations for more than 20 minutes. Many passengers are surprised by this rule, but officials say it’s not new.

Recently, a commuter was fined ₹50 for overstaying by five minutes at a Namma Metro station. He was charging his mobile phone and exceeded the 20-minute limit, leading to the deduction from his smart card when he tried to exit.

Long-standing Rule

BMRCL officials explained that the rule of fining commuters who stay longer than 20 minutes inside the station has been in place since the metro started operating. This rule helps to prevent overcrowding at the stations.

Despite this, many commuters are unaware of the rule, which has caused frustration. To address this, officials promised to make these rules more visible at metro stations and mentioned that detailed information is available on the Namma Metro (BMRCL) official website.