Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) is adding more trains to reduce overcrowding during peak hours.

As more people use Namma Metro due to the city’s expanding network, BMRCL is working to make travel easier during busy times.

Currently, 57 Metro trains run in Bengaluru. At first, these trains operated without issues, but with the network’s growth, more passengers are facing overcrowding and long wait times. Despite trains running every three minutes during peak hours, many stations are still congested.

Yashavanth Chavan, Chief Public Relations Officer, said, “Currently, 57 Metro trains are operational in Bengaluru. Initially, these trains operated smoothly. However, with the expansion of the Metro network, passenger numbers have swelled. Despite trains running at intervals of three minutes during peak hours, commuters are facing congestion issues at most Metro stations. This is a matter of concern for us.

To solve this, BMRCL plans to add more trains on the Purple and Green lines soon, aiming to improve the passenger experience and reduce wait times during peak hours.