New app-based auto-rickshaw booking system aims to solve last-mile connectivity issues for Bengaluru Metro commuters.

Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is teaming up with Namma Yatri and the Bengaluru Traffic Police to launch a pilot app-based auto-rickshaw service for metro commuters. This initiative aims to provide a safe, affordable, and reliable last-mile connectivity solution.

Namma Yatri, operated by Moving Tech Innovations Private Limited, plans to set up kiosks at Indiranagar Metro Station by the end of May. The service will allow auto-rickshaw drivers to choose destinations from metro stations using a ‘queue’ system. If no rides are available in the queue, drivers can still take normal ride requests.

A BMRCL spokesperson said, “BMRCL is working with Bangalore Traffic Police and Namma Yatri to operate an app-based auto rickshaw booking system for metro commuters. The proposal is to provide safe, affordable and reliable last-mile connectivity options for the commuters. In this regard, Namma Yatri has submitted a proposal to BMRCL for setting up kiosks and starting the service on a pilot basis at the Indiranagar metro station. Depending upon the success, the facility will be extended to other metro stations as well.

An official from Namma Yatri added, “Our surveys indicated that the prepaid auto stands at metro stations are not that effective and further add to the last mile connectivity gap. As a digital solution, we are offering the drivers to choose their destination which will be part of a queue system. If customers don’t get their ride they can avail rides through the normal ride-hailing mode. We will pilot this in Indiranagar metro station by the end of May and we are planning to officially launch it next month.

Last year, the Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union launched Metro Mitra to solve last-mile connectivity issues but faced operational challenges. Namma Yatri assures that their service is different and aims to succeed where Metro Mitra did not.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy shared that only 76,000 passengers use the 134 metro feeder buses daily, a small number compared to the 40 lakh daily metro passengers. Commuters often face issues with auto-rickshaw drivers charging high prices for short distances, and previous prepaid auto services did not gain much popularity.

With the new Namma Yatri service, BMRCL hopes to improve the commuting experience for metro users, starting with the Indiranagar pilot and potentially expanding to other stations.